VWR® A-Series Balances

VWR® A-Series balances incorporate state-of-the-art features for advanced weighing applications and documentation.
  • State-of-the-art features for advanced weighing and documentation
  • Internal calibration
  • Multiple weigh modes
  • 2×RS-232 and USB (A and B) communication interfaces
  • Easy-to-read, adjustable, backlit display
  • Five-year warranty

These economical balances offer a variety of standard features, such as internal calibration, GLP procedures, 17 weighing units, adjustable ambient condition settings, 11 application modes, and multilingual operation. The VWR® A-Series balances are the answer for organizations demanding precision and performance at an economical price.
VWR® A-Series balances -220 g
Weighing Capacity 220 g Linearity 0.2 g Readability 0.1 g Repeatabilty 0.1
44,000 VWR Points
VWR® A-Series balances -1000 g
Weighing Capacity 1000 g Linearity 0.003 g Readability 0.001 g Repeatabilty 0.0015
44,000 VWR Points